Self Arrest Bonds In Tampa, Brandon, Carrollwood, Riverview & Nearby Cities

Self Arrest BondsSelf arrest bonds, also called walk-throughs, are a simpler way to handle an arrest warrant that you are aware has been issued. Self arrest bonds help you avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of being apprehended at home, work or even at a family gathering. It is important to understand the difference between a warrant and a self arrest bond. A warrant out for your arrest means that if you have any contact with a law enforcement officer, you could be taken into custody immediately. A self arrest bond can help you take control of the situation. It gets the warrant lifted when you set up a meeting with a certified bail bondsman and, subsequently, turn yourself into to the authorities.

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If you would like to explore the benefits of self arrest bonds or even just want to know how does bail work, we are here to answer your questions. Our experienced team is available 24/7 to help ensure your quick release in the vent of DUI, drug, domestic violence or other charges.

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