When some people think about bail bonds, they may conjure images of the uniforms in the original Bad News Bears movie with Walter Matthau. The fact is anyone could find themselves in the need of a bondsman. Residents who live in the Clearwater area have come to rely on Frank Cueto and his reputation as the trusted bondsman. Frank’s 221-Bail is synonymous with expedient help in the region and his length of service as Clearwater bondsman is one reason why.

Frank has been serving the area since 1970. He is involved in the area, and is a proud member of the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce. He is a local bondsman who has seen it all. He understands that when you need help, finding a bondsman who can calmly and clearly walk you through the process is an important aspect. When you need help, bondsman Frank and his team can get you help and get it to you quickly.

A bondsman can be necessary in a variety of circumstances. Some common examples include:

  • Arrests for assault and battery
  • Thefts and larceny
  • DUI
  • Drug possession

Frank and his team accept cash and major credit cards to get a loved one out of jail fast. In fact, they use the slogan “When someone is in trouble, Frank is not slow. It is hip, hip, hip and away he goes” in providing quick service for bail bonds.

When the need arises, you want to get the immediate problem resolved quickly and that can mean the services of bondsman Frank Cueto and 221Bail. Call 221-B-A-I-L. It is simple to remember “When in Jail Call 221-Bail.” Se Habla Espanol.