Bail Bonds in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor & Surrounding Cities

Bail Bonds Are you searching for affordable bail bonds to get your loved one out of jail? At 221 Bail, our team of professional bail bondsmen are ready to help you with a headache-free experience.  After someone’s been arrested, their first thought is “Get me out”. As a close family member or friend, the pressure is high to guarantee a quick jail release. Posting bail in a timely manner is not as comprehensive at all bail bond companies, unlike what one may think. That’s why our team is dedicated to personalized and personal client service to meet everyone’s unique bail bond needs.

At 221 Bail, we offer turnkey solutions for all types of bail bonds and arrest charges. Our commitment to compassionate client services and nearly 40 years of experience has earned us the valued reputation as the trusted bail bonds service for those in the Tampa Bay and beyond. With our dedication to client service and around the clock service to help those in need of jail release, it’s no surprise that Frank Cueto and 221 Bail is the trusted name for bail solutions. Our services include:

  • Self-Arrest Program
  • DUI Bail Requests
  • Bail Bonds
  • Arrest Reports

Whether you or a loved one is a resident of Tampa Bay or have found yourself in an unfortunate situation while visiting the area, Frank Cueto and his team at 221 Bail is available to handle bail in as soon as possible. Our team of seasoned professionals work around the clock to ensure that those in need of jail release do not find themselves helpless and stuck in an unfortunate situation.

No matter how big or small the charge, our team can help you and your loved one to return to normal life. With our bail bonds, we’ve helped those in need get bail in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor and surrounding cities to get out of jail for nearly four decades. Contact us immediately to get your loved one out of jail fast.